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Hi, Knox Camps!

I’m Andi Nolson and I am thrilled to be joining this Knox team this year as Camp Director! Last summer, I served on the Camp team as Program Director and had an incredible experience – I am so excited to be back again and in this new role, I know it’s going to be an amazing year for Knox’s Camp Ministry! Outside of camp, I am a recent graduate from York University’s Concurrent Education Program in Primary/Junior Education, with a Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Studies, I am newly married and a relatively new resident of Toronto. Some hobbies include cooking, travelling and taking in live music and theatre. I also love to read, and have an extensive collection of picture books! It is my dream to one day write my own children’s books. I am so looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this season of camp at Knox, and the way that He impacts kids’ lives through the Camp Team this year!

Today’s post kicks off a series that myself and the Program Directors will be posting over the next few weeks entitled “What I Love About Camp.” We have an incredible team of Program Directors this summer who have a variety of different camp experiences. As I type this, I am listening to them eagerly planning exciting camp programming and Bible Studies that campers are going to LOVE, and I am excited for you to hear a bit about their passion for camp this Spring.

I have been a “camp person” for a number of years, having served at multiple different camp settings in a variety of capacities. I have such a passion for the way that God uses camp in the lives of kids (and leaders) – to teach them about the people He created them to be, to speak to them of His enduring love, and to create meaningful, lasting friendships. I truly believe that lives are transformed at camp.

My absolute favourite thing about camp is the way that campers and leaders alike experience grace so tangibly. Camp is a place where everyone is invited to be themselves, and where everyone is reminded that God designed and loves them just as they are. Camp is a place where confidence grows, as campers realize that they are in a safe place to explore who they are and who Jesus is. There is a freedom to try new things without the fear of failing or being judged, and also a freedom to be a little bit goofy sometimes! (Okay, most of the time….!) I never took my parents up on the opportunity to go to camp as a child, but as a camp staff member over the years, I have taken more risks than I ever thought possible, and have learned so much about the person God has made me to be in the process.

I also am just so encouraged by watching camp leaders interact with campers in the loving way that they do. Grace is so evident in the selfless way that leaders put the needs of their campers’ before their own, and in the way that campers are forgiven when they make mistakes and welcomed back into the camp community so readily. I’ve encountered Jesus more tangibly in these moments than anywhere else, and it is exciting to me that camp presents so many opportunities for this to happen.

There is nowhere that I have laughed harder, danced crazier or sang louder than at camp. For these reasons (and so many more), I am so excited to get this summer started! Only 52 days to go! (But who’s counting?!)

Stay tuned for posts from our wonderfully talented Program Directors, as well as for some fun Knox Camp updates about what to expect this summer!


Andi Nolson
Knox Camps, Camp Director


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