Access Program

Program Description: At Knox Camps, we welcome and include children and youth with physical, behavioural and developmental exceptionalities by providing a supportive and inclusive environment. Our hope is for each camper to have the opportunity to access fun and safe camp programming in a way that helps them develop news skills and friendships. The Access Program will seek to provide one-on-one  staff-to-camper support to facilitate the care required for each camper. Therefore there are two leaders in a cabin group with 5-6 ‘typically developing’ campers and one camper with exceptional needs.

Ratio: 1 camper with exceptionalities for every 10 typically developing campers registered in the program.


Registration: Access will be made available for the Kids Program of Day Camp in Summer 2017. After a process of determination is completed by Knox Camps (including camper registration & a phone or in-person interview with staff & the camper/camper’s family), it will be decided whether Knox Camp can provide the necessary support and program to your camper to facilitate inclusion. Please indicate on your camper registration form if your child requires additional program support. There are limited Access program spots available. 

Please contact the Camp & Children’s Ministry Coordinator if you have any questions (!