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Hi Knox Camps!

My name is Andrea Petersen and I am super excited about joining the camp team this year as Program Director. Already in this first week preparing for camp, I have created the crazy wonderful themes we will enjoy and explore this summer! Take a peek earlier in our blog to read all about them.

This year I completed my Bachelor of Concurrent Education at York University in the Junior/Intermediate stream. I will be continuing at York for my final year in September to finish my BFA in Studio Art. I love to learn and believe camp is the best place to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. God has called me to Knox Camps this summer to share this passion with campers and I’m excited to see what he has planned for us!

I have been attending camp as a camper and leader in various capacities for over 10 years. It is safe to say that camp is my “home away from home”. In a community like Knox Camps, campers and leaders alike are accepted as they are, spiritually fed and nurtured, supported in their unique learning experiences, create lifelong friendships, and experience God in a tangible way. That way is seeing God’s neverending love reciprocated through camper-leader relationships. Some of my most important periods of growth as a person have happened at summer camp, through mindful teaching of scripture and intentional mentorship from leaders. From these personal experiences, I have come to know Jesus better than I ever could have imagined.

I often get parents and guardians asking me, what makes camp so special? How is summer camp different from school or sports teams? Again I find myself resting on the fact that the relationships formed at camp last a lifetime. The selfless and consistent support given from leaders to campers exemplifies the eternal love of Jesus Christ, which is given without expectation of reward or notice. A smile, hug or high five from your precious little one means more than the riches of this world to us.

Each staff member plays an integral role in our diverse community of Christ followers, as do the campers we serve. God knows us all by name and has planned the good works we will produce together at Knox this summer. He has brought us together with the purpose of loving on your little ones and doing it with joy in our hearts.

I can’t wait to welcome back campers from past summers and meet the faces of new friends. This is going to be the best summer yet!


Andrea Petersen

Program Director, Knox Camps


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